Heritage Calendar

Listening to Understand,
Celebrating to Support

Scared of making tone-deaf mistakes as you commit to diversity?

Get the CULTURL Heritage Calendar, and increase your confidence to connect to your consumer in authentic ways.

12 Month Subscription


  • 80+ holidays, commemorations, and cultural heritage months, across a broad spectrum of cultures
  • 13 CULTURL toolkits to guide your organization in creating meaningful communication and connection around these key moments–all year long
  • A wealth of resources for fostering understanding, encouraging curiosity, and creating communities–all in one place

Inform and empower your communication and connection with the CULTURL Heritage Calendar. With your 12-month subscription you will receive:

  • Insights and perspectives on more than 80 holidays, commemorations, and cultural heritage months across a spectrum of cultures and communities.
  • Ideas and resources for creating timely communication to promote empathy and curiosity.
  • Ways to encourage dialogue around significance and meaning, while alleviating the burden on those celebrating to constantly translate and explain to others.
  • Connection points for creating resources tailored to your community.